Treating Foot Ulcers and Wounds with Total Contact Casting

The Total Contact Cast system is considered to be the gold standard among most experts, believing it to be the best method – for achieving proper off-loading to help heal diabetic foot ulcers. Learn more about TCC here:

The most important aspect to healing an ulcer or wound on the bottom of the foot is to reduce weight bearing pressure on the area. Research tells us that a Total Contact Cast is by far the most effective way of achieving that reduction in pressure. Want to see how a Total Contact Cast is applied? Watch this video.

Currently, diabetic patients must travel to Toronto Women’s Hospital or St. Michael’s Hospital where the Ministry of Health covers the fees. However, patients wanting shorter wait times, easier access and less travel headaches can have it done on a fee-for-service basis in our Oakville office with Kaitlin Werkman. Kaitlin is a Registered Chiropodist, MSc Diabetes Student and completed training on Total Contact Casting (TCC) in January of 2017.

TCC is a casting technique that is used to heal diabetic foot ulcers, with reported healing rates of about 90% in 6 weeks. The Total Contact Cast closely conforms to the exact shape of the foot – creating a chamber just right for healing. It works by redistributing weight off of your foot ulcer so it can heal.

TCC casting TCC Cast

A typical six-week treatment plan covers:

Appointment 1:  Debridement of ulcer and place casting
Appointment 2:  (within 3-5 days of first): Check ulcer, debride if necessary, recast
Appointment 3-6: (weekly): Check ulcer, provide treatment until ulcer is healed – usually six weeks.

Indications/intended use:
Non infected neuropathic foot ulcers, post op care, charcot neuropathy, pre ulcerative conditions.

To learn more about how the Total Contact Casting system can help you, contact us today. Learn more about Diabetic Footcare and Education at the Werkman Foot & Orthotic Clinic in Oakville.

Do you have any questions or suspect you may have an ulcer? Don’t let your foot condition worsen. Please give our office a call and have it assessed by a professional.

Visit our blog for more information on  Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Options for Foot Ulcers and Wounds.

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