Pain Management Products

We carry the Pharmax™ product line developed by Seroyal Pharmaceuticals, a natural pharmaceutical company, dedicated for over 28 years to assisting physicians and other healthcare professionals restore, rebuild and maintain patient health.

This new pharma-based technology, developed by leading Canadian Molecular Pharmacologist, Dr. Joseph Gabriele, draws on interactions between plant-product substances, and human cellular and nerve tissues. Gabriele’s objective was to develop a new method of pain relief as an alternate to oral medications.

Pharmax™ Nerve

pharMAX nerve cream Neuropathic pain relief cream used to relieve cutaneous pain associated with conditions such as post-herpetic neuralgia and diabetic neuropathy. Contains ingredients derived from the purest natural actives, including capsacin and fenugreek. 70 ml Cream

Pharmax™ Rebuild – Muscle and Joint Pain Relief Cream

pharMax rebuild creamA topical cream to help relieve pain and inflammation in muscles and joints, including sprains, bruises, and joint pain. Contains ingredients derived from the purest natural actives, including rutin and arnica flower. 70 ml Cream

Pharmax™ Relief

pharmax-reliefA trans-dermal pain relief cream used to treat joint pain due to inflammation. All-natural active ingredients directly to trigger points for quick and long lasting results. Contains chamomile and rue. 70 ml Cream

We also carry the following therapeutic creams:

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