Those yellowish kernel-sized bumps can make being on your toes a very painful experience. They’re caused by friction and pressure and are as old as feet themselves. The ideal condition for corns to form occurs when the skin is wedged between a shoe and a bone on the foot. They’re basically miniature calluses and have to be treated the same way. Wider shoes, bathing and filing with a pumice stone may bring temporary relief until you can get into the chiropodist’s office.

What is it?

Corns are hard cone-shaped bumps commonly found on any bony prominence where excess pressure occurs, particularly over a joint.

How do you treat it?

Treatment requires removal through painless debridement. After this procedure, padding of various sorts (for example, felt or moleskin) may be applied, to remove excess pressure from the affected area.

How do you prevent?

Proper fitting shoes or footwear. Orthotics or other inserts that have padding can help.

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