Calluses are formed when the skin is subjected to repetitive pressure and friction. The layers of thick, dead skin can be painful since they often form in weightbearing areas. You can prevent most calluses by wearing proper fitting shoes, and over the counter insoles or custom-made prescription orthotics. Applying a moisturizing cream can help alleviate some of the discomfort. Don’t try cutting them yourself. That invites infection.

What is it?

  • A Callus is an especially toughened area of the skin which has become thickened and hard as a response to repeated pressures or friction.
  • Calluses often develop under the ball of the foot because of faulty foot mechanics and uneven weight distribution. Symptoms include a burning sensation or a feeling of “walking on pebbles”.

How do you treat it?

  • Treatment requires removal through painless debridement. After this procedure, padding of various sorts (for example, felt or moleskin) may be applied, to remove pressure from the area.
  • If not properly treated, underlying tissues can become inflamed and possibly infected.

How do you prevent?

  • Proper fitting shoes or footwear.
  • Custom Made Orthotics to properly realign the foot thereby providing a more even weight distribution.
  • “Over the Counter” Insoles to increase protective cushioning.
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