Noveon Nail Fungus Treatment

What is it?

noveon-228x300Light, not heat: The Noveon Nail Fungus Laser’s two light wavelengths (870nm/930nm) are uniquely selected to penetrate below the nail surface to attack nail fungus, while preserving healthy tissue.

Targeted: Laser light is precisely targeted using patient guards, which are clipped on to the infected toes in order to treat up to 4 nails at a time.

Fully automated: Fully automated operation ensures the correct dose of energy for each treatment. If necessary, the patient is able to instantly pause treatment at the touch of a button.

Werkman Foot & Orthotic Clinic Case Study: Before & After Treatment with Noveon Nail Fungus Laser

Fungal nail - chart

Backed by Rigorous Science and Clinical Trials

Beginning in 2003, the Noveon Nail Fungus’s parent company, Nomir Medical has published digital research and test results in multiple peer-reviewed scientific and medical journals. With over five continuous years of published patient and scientific data, the Noveon Nail Fungus sets the standard for evidence-based laser medical treatment.

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Watch this video to learn about the Noveon Technology

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