Routine Foot Care

Healthy feet are an important part of overall good health. Taking a few simple steps will help you maintain healthy feet for a lifetime. Those steps include:

  • wash your feet every day
  • keep your feet moisturized, avoiding between the toes
  • trim your toenails using proper clippers, cutting them straight across
  • choose appropriate footwear for every day, sports and recreation
  • make sure your footwear fits in both length and width and feels comfortable
  • vary your shoes’ heel heights
  • replace footwear that no longer supports your feet
  • exercising regularly to control weight, improve circulation and muscle tone
  • do regular calf stretches
  • check your feet regularly for possible problems
  • pay attention to your socks, ensuring they are well-fitting
  • regular foot check-ups by a Registered Chiropodist

Initial Foot Care Check-Ups

During your first appointment with us, we’ll ask you lifestyle and other medical questions that will help us get to know you, your feet and understand your current concerns and needs. Your feet will be in caring hands. You can download our Patient Information Form.

Initial foot care check-ups include:

  • comprehensive foot, nail, skin and ankle exam
    • assessing a range of motion, gait analysis, circulation, sensation, colour, along with digital photos of both your feet
    • mapping of lesions (corns, calluses, moles and warts)
  • diabetic foot screening (if required)
  • presentation and discussion of treatment options (including immediate treatment if applicable)

Routine Foot Care Appointments

  • toenail cutting and thinning down thickened toenails (if required)
  • debriding corn or callus (if required)
  • monitoring of existing moles and warts
  • mapping of new moles and warts

If you are experiencing any foot-related issues, please contact us today to book an initial foot care assessment or routine foot care appointment. We are committed to exceptional foot care for all ages.

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