7 Ways to Love Your Feet!

Posted on Wednesday, February 13th, 2019

Focus on your feet during the month of love and show them how much you care! At Werkman, Boven & Associates, Chiropody is our sole focus!

hearts7 Ways to Put Your Best Feet Forward:

  1. Routine foot and nail care. Make regular foot and nail care appointments, including Medical Pedicures to keep your feet healthy, feeling good, and looking great!
  2. Diabetic foot and wound care. We can’t stress this enough. If you are living with diabetes, your feet need special attention. Foot ulcers and wounds can happen any time. Talk to us about treating foot ulcers and wounds with Total Contact Casting, the gold standard for achieving proper off-loading to help heal diabetic foot ulcers.
  3. Custom-made Orthotics. Designed specifically for the unique needs of the wearer, and to alleviate pain and discomfort from conditions such as arthritis and joint pain and foot disorders such as fallen arches, heel spurs, bunions, sports injuries. Check your Extended Health Insurance plan to see if you are covered for Chiropody fees and custom orthotics. Many do!
  4. Ingrown toenails. Ouch! An ingrown toenail occurs when the edge of the nail grows into the skin that surrounds it. Ingrown toenails start out swollen and tender and progressively worsen. Why suffer when you don’t have to?
  5. Fungal nails (onychomycosis). Don’t kid yourself. The chances of a fungal infection clearing up on its own are slim. There are treatment options available such as Lunula Laser and Noveon Nail Laser. Taking care of fungal nail during the winter means you’ll be ready for sandal season this summer!
  6. Plantar Warts. Considered viral infections, Plantar warts commonly develop on the soles of the feet. Many treatment options are available. There is a new treatment for Plantar warts that everyone is talking about called Swift.
  7. SIGVARIS Compression Stocking Therapy and Socks and Voxx Socks and Insoles. SIGVARIS graduated socks and stockings support your veins and increase circulation, reduce swelling and the feeling of tired, achy legs. They are great for everyday, sports and travel (including air travel). Voxx Socks and Insoles are designed to improve balance, reduce pain, increase strength and endurance.

Take care of your feet – and they’ll take care of you! Talk to your Chiropodist about optimal foot health today. Meet the team at Werkman, Boven & Associates in Oakville today and experience caring hands for happy feet!

Protect Your Feet from the Cold!

Posted on Wednesday, January 30th, 2019

How to Keep Your Feet Healthy in Cold Weather.

family ski adventureCold weather (like today) can make it difficult for you to know when your feet are too cold, especially if you have a condition like poor circulation or diabetes.

Prevent Winter Foot Problems From the Get -Go

The first thing you can do to give winter the cold shoulder is to be sure you are keeping your feet covered and warm when you are outdoors. Wear comfortable and warm socks and boots. Keep your feet dry with sweat-wicking socks and moisture resistant footwear.

When you get home:

  • Don’t rush to heat your feet
  • Don’t dip your feet in a warm foot bath
  • Don’t use a heating pad or heated blanket
  • Don’t try to warm your feet by placing them close to a fireplace.

Let your feet warm up naturally, a little at a time. Try gently massaging your feet or walking around to encourage blood flow.

Watch for Chilblains!

chilblains on toesChilblains are a common cold weather foot problem. Chilblains are small, red, itchy swellings on the skin. They are caused when the skin is exposed to cold weather for long periods of time.

How Chilblains Happen

In the cold, the blood vessels in your toes get smaller in size. When your toes get warm again, the blood vessels go back to their normal size. If your toes get warm too fast, blood can leak out of the blood vessels and cause the redness, swelling, blistering, and pain associated with chilblains. Chilblains usually form on the smaller toes, but they can also develop on areas of the feet that carry more pressure — the same areas where bunions, corns, and calluses form.

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure. Book your Winter Footcare Check up today! We offer:

For more information on preventative winter footcare, contact our Oakville Foot Clinic today! We’re a friendly bunch!

Infection Prevention and Control is Serious Business

Posted on Monday, January 28th, 2019

Are You Concerned About Infections Due to Improper Sterilization?

At Werkman, Boven & Associates, we take infection prevention and control very seriously. We are committed to following the best practices laid out by PIDAC (Provincial Infectious Disease Advisory Committee), part of Public Health Ontario. Our employees are trained in infection prevention and proper sterilization methods. You can rest assured that all instruments used in our treatment rooms have undergone proper sterilization and follow Public Health Ontario guidelines.

Our newest employee, Kaitlyn, recently completed her 9 module training course in IPAC Sterilization (Infection Prevention and Control Canada).

This past month, we conducted a refresher on-site training session, reviewing proper sterilization protocols and procedures. A third-party sterilization audit by STERIS Canada was also conducted and we passed with flying colours!

Why risk an infection due to improper sterilization? Book your Medical Pedicure appointment today with our clinic and ensure your feet stay healthy!